Never Alone" Painting Print & Mat By Joe Rector Limited Edition Signed 5 times

Here is a beautiful Painting print painted in 1988. The painting is of a Native American sitting under a cliff warming his hands by a small fire. In the background there is the mountains and a big full moon. In the smoke going up, there is the outline of a Native American man with a feather in his hair looking down. The painting was signed with the year on the corner, then it was sign in the middle of the bottom also. It is print 377 out of 1000.

What makes the painting unique is the matting. The matting has been decorated with the snow on the bottom that has the name of the picture, "Never Alone" By Joe Rector. There are actually three levels of matting. The one closest to the picture is a dark blue, then the light blue with the painting of a tree on one side. Then the top layer is black. On the top, there are stars looking like the night sky. then there is a tree and part of the cliff on the right side matching with the cliff in the picure. In the middle of the picture on the mat is two bushes. The mat is signed my Joe Rector and the year 1993.

The frame is a beautiful blueish grey with a decrative trim around it. There is a small place the size of one centemeter scratch on the left side. It is 19 inches by 22 inches.

The back is written Limited Edition "Never Alone" by Joe Rector (His Signature). Next
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