Nevermore FOIL Japanese Asian MTG Innistrad Mint

KartenStore Payment Shipping Shipping Duration Subsidised Express Shipping About Us Categories Other Dark Ascension ENGLISH Dark Ascension JAPANESE Innistrad JAPANESE M12 JAPANESE MTG Asian FOIL MTG Asian Non-Foil New Phyrexia JAPANESE Mirrodin Besieged JAPANESE Scars of Mirrodin JAPANESE Commander JAPANESE MTG Korean MTG Asian Boosters MTG Promos MTG English FOILS MTG English Non-Foil From the Vault Series MTG Signed/Altered Cards MTG Misprints & Rarities MTG Artist Proofs MTG FBB MTG Sealed Products MTG Out Of Prints About UsKartenstore is the eBay store for . We specialise in MTG singles, especially Japanese and Korean editions. Contact us if you cant find what you need in our listings! Nevermore FOIL Japanese Asian MTG Innistrad Mint
Payment We accept payment by Paypal and also bank transfer to our account in France. IBAN and BIC will be provided. Shipping Shipping charge is US$3.00 flat and we ship by registered mail. There are no further shipping charge for additional purchases. Cards will be well protected in a toploader and will be shipped in a bubble-wrap envelope for maximum protection. Shipping Duration Expected shipping duration is as follows; [Asia, Australia, NZ : 4-5 days], [North America and Western Europe : 8 - 12 days], [South America, Southern Europe and Eastern Europe : 12 - 18 days]. Subsidised Express
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