*NEW*12 Step Recovery Card Game--STEP BY STEP


Created by Cheryl & John O.


A card game for 12 Steppers

Its kinda a cross between Uno, Skipbo and Mille Bornes. The object of the game is to get to Step 12 first. BUT t are obstacles like the Self-Will cards that can carry you back to step 3. ON THE OTHER HAND t are Spiritual Toolkit cards that allow you to steal steps from other players...Stinkin thinkin cards make you lose your turn and everyone is Happy when they draw a Happy Joyous and Free Card. (they're wild). Can be pretty exciting especially when someone is close and then they get sent back to 3 Or when you get to steal their step!

72 Card Deck!

Step Cards

Self-will Cards

Spiritual Toolkit cards

Happy Joyous and Free Cards

Stinkin Thinkin Cards

Warning: Extended use may cause memorization of the 12 Steps, the desire to work the 12 Steps, and an increase in the desire for fellowship with other 12 Steppers.

Playing Cards are made with ONLY the finest quality Playing Card stock With a glossy plastic coating.

Bridge Sized Playing Cards: 2.25" x 3.5"

Comes in a cellophane wrapped box.