New Bicentennial Chess Set - 1776 - Collectors Series

This auction is for a pristine / mint Collectors' SeriesChess Set No. 603 made and sold in 1976 commemorating the Bicentennial Celebration of theUnited States of America. This set has never been removed from the box, the box has only been opened for viewing and pictures for the auction.
Each chessman is historically significant to the American Revolution. The KING is George Washington, the QUEEN is Martha Washington, the BISHOP is Benjamin Franklin, the KNIGHT is Paul Revere, the ROOK is the Liberty Bell which bears a readable inscription of the Proclamation of Liberty.

The set is unique in that all the PAWNS are not identical. Six are Minutemen, the KING'S PAWN is a drummer and the QUEEN'S PAWN is a fifer.

The king is 5" and the pieces are weighted and felted. All pieces are intact and are in pristine condition.

This set is a wonderful addition to any collection and a great piece of memorabilia.

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