NEW BOOK Butterflies of Thailand LEPIDOPTERA Entomology

Finally, the result of 5 years of dedicated work,

based upon all ever written, published literature,

with plenty of quality photos for over 1500 species and subspecies

For the first time ever all Thai

butterfly species in one single Volume

book in English language


by Pisuth Ek-Amnuay

"Butterflies of Thailand" is a book which provides informative description about all kinds of butterflies found in Thailand. All this information is complete and authentic based on Entomology. It is considered to be the best book of its kind giving all details about Butterflies of Thailand.

Convinient for use: unlike all previous similar books, as well as book "Beetles of Thailand" by same author, present book has description of each species on the left side of page spread, and their colorfull illustrations (with Note about scale size!) on the right side. that makes it easier to use - you don't have to go to the end or begining of book to find photos, but can see the right beside species.

Thai names are provided too apart from Scientific (in Latin) and Common (in English) names, which can be handy to use it as a field guide while collecting in Thailand: you can show Thai name to local people to help you to find particular specimen. Thai names
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