Well needless to say, I got lucky and was able to get a few 15 packs of these aluminum bottles, they were printed in limited quantities and right now, I have one unopened 15 pack of each, Bud and Bud Light, I am not sure if I can get any more, however, I am listing both of them right now.

You are bidding on one (1) 15 PACK of Standard 16OZ ALUMINUM BUDWEISER BOTTLE, which was printed in limited quantities to commemorate the Gasparilla festival in Tampa , Florida . THE FIRST PICTURE SHOWS THE 15 PACK AND THE SECOND PICTURE SHOWS THE BOTTLES THAT ARE IN THE CASE. I took that bottle from a different pack. As you can tell by my other auctions I am selling individuals as well. You will get a 15 pack of bottles that has never been opened.

Rest ashore this item will be packaged properly in bubble wrap and in the proper box so that it will not be damaged in the mail. The entire 15 pack will be placed in to a box, so that you will have the original Gasparilla box with out any shipping sticker on it. If you would like, I could open the 15 pack and wrap each bottle with bubble wrap for an additional $5.00, just let me know at the time of purchase.

** Please look at the pictures closely. This is a limited edition bottle that can only be purchased in the Tampa , Florida area. It was printed to celebrate Gasparilla 2
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