NEW Dlite D'LITE Magic Trick Adult Sz WHITE Lights PAIR

Check This MAGIC Trick Out
it's very Cool, Fun and Easy.
Pair of Regular Adult Size White D'lites
(Child Jr. Size is available in Red on another auction )
New in the Box

Show your hands empty, then pluck a bright White light out of
the air, pass it from hand to hand, and make it

Pretend to put one in your mouth, and pull it out of your
ear. Put it back in your ear, only to be found back in your mouth ...
Hold an ice cube in your bare hands, and make it glow
bright White, at your command.
Play "catch" with a friend. "Toss" the D'Lite
back in forth out of anyw
Make a plain white napkin develop a bright White glow, and
no one but you knows how.
Take a drink, and pull a White light out of your mouth. Was
that a light Beer?
How about a light snack?
Entertain for hours ...
You will absolutely amaze everyone with D'Lite, GUARANTEED.
From children to seniors, itâe(tm)s easy magic that anyone can do.
Learn all of the above and much more.


This will include
(2) White Adult Size D'lites New in the box (unopened).
used by professional magicians to
amaze their audiences with the simple to use, but
astonishing D'Lite.
Learn basic handling techniques and perform dozens
of effects,


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