NEW- gold pump Kit!! by Gold-N-Sand

The Gold-N-Sand hand dredge is designed to hand pump out bulk sand bars and "snipe" into areas w you just can't reach. I've pumped out deep sand bars in an hour with this pump, and reach into cracks w no man's gone before. You'll get the pump with removable valves for easy replacement, the specially designed bucket, 8 feet of flex hose, sniping nozzles, and a bulk sand nozzle. Please visit my site for entertaining and informational videos at: Gold-N-Sand
Save 25 to 35% by building your own Gold-N-Sand. gold pump dredge!! This kit requires you to purchase 4 items.
1. Two gallon bucket
2. 2" black ABS pipe- 20"
3. 3/4 " White PVC pipe 18"
4. All purpose pipe glue
The total cost of these items should be less than $10.00 or even less if you have them in your garage and the time required to assemble is less than 5 minutes.
All other Items included in the kit come pre-assembled. This means the custom valve system, leather cup piston assembly, and collection bucket lid are already put together.
This is a genuine Gold-N-Sand hand pump similar to the one that on ebay for $99.99. Don't be fooled by knock-offs that can't even come close to the quality built into this pump.
The pump includes:
Pre-assembled custom valve assembly.
Pre-assembled leather cup piston assembly.
Collection lid.
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