New Golden Metallic Gold 6 ft Altar Antipendium Easter

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New 6' Golden Gold Antipendium for Catholic Church Altar

Item Specification

This listing is for a brand new Golden Gold Antipendium..

The antipendium measures 6 ft (72 inches) in length and 1.3 ft (15 inches) high. The base is lined with golden fringes. High quality hand made designs are embroidered directly on the fabric. The material of the fabric is Metallic Gold Brocade with Cross designs. The Antipendium is lined with a Yellowish gold satin fabric.

The Designs on the Antipendium are Grapes & Wheat with IHS in the center. Specially made for Easter High Mass celebration. Picture do not explain the beauty of the antipendium.

Please see the pictures below for more details....


Please allow some time for the pictures to download...

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