NEW with Tags HARLEY DAVIDSON WOMENS HOODED SWEATSHIRT SHIRT ZIP UP FRONT Tagged SIZE L(Large) 100% Cotton NEW! Lays flat, does not have waistband, fits straight down a nice fit just enough to cover and look good!

I have so much good feedback on this Style shirt. One of my feedbacks says "SWEETSHIRT" some say fabulous shirt. Some say AWESOME Shirt. I have gotten many e-mail thank you notes on this shirt and how much they love it! It fits! It fits so nice and is a favorite of many! Sometimes Harley is known to have bigger than normal in a size or smaller than normal in a size, this one is RIGHT! Get one before t all gone and no more left! You can commit to buy and pay in the next couple weeks. I don't have to have payment today. GENUINE HARLEY DAVIDSON Clothing! Tagged P-18388 called a Flame Foil Hood Jacket on the tag. Made in USA. This LADIES HARLEY DAVIDSON Sweatshirt is BRAND NEW and NICE! This hooded zip up front with front pockets sweatshirt really is nicer than the picture shows! It is a Black in color, with beautiful gold and silver trim. A Metal Harley logo bar and shield hangs from the zipper pull. Has 2 Front Pockets. This is not fleece, It is not very thick. It is smooth cotton feeling and I might say You could say it's only a little heavier of cotton cloth than a cotton t-shirt material. Not near as thick as
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