New Haven Electric Clock w/ Westminster Chimes NR

This a vintage New Haven Clock Company "Orleans"? electric clock (art deco?) combined with mechanically wound Westminster Chimes. The clock's style number on the data plate is hard to read, but looks like "J.H.S. 611-337C" (The "J" is questionable). The clock runs quite nicely, with no hum or excess noise. T is one problem however, and that is one of the two small cams on the chime works is not functioning, and needs repaired or replaced, rendering the chimes silent for now (every 15 minutes, and on the hour). The chime, when manually manipulated, has a beautiful sound. The wood exterior front has been described in another listing as quilted mahogany veneer. We're not so sure, and would prefer to describe it as "bird's eye." Has a pull open glass door over the clock face. As you can tell from one of the pictures, t are some scratches on one end. Dimensions are 15" long, 5" deep, and 8" high at the highest point. Weighs approximately 7 pounds. The electrical data is 110/125 volts, 60 cycles, 2 watts. Patents listed on the data plate are :2178446, 1864108, and 1978973. We know this is at least 55 years old because t is a repair certificate dated 2-8-52. Under the repair certificate is the original set of instructions which unfortunately is obscured, but in the upper left corner are the letters "ORLEA..." and in the upper right hand ... read more