New Hungarian PKM MG Barrel

Hungarian PKM MG Barrel, 7.62x54r mm

EBAY Police, this item is NOT a firearm and is NOT dangerous.

This is a barrel in 7.62x54r mm caliber for the Hungarian made PKM MG, ands is the exact model gun issued to Russian Forces. The PKM MG is a Universal type MG used currently in all Russian States and out-laying countries as well as Egypt, Iran and even the Iraqi insurgents battling our NATO troops. This gun was what replaced the PK and the SGM for troop support and troop assault. It also featured a quick barrel disconnect so the barrel could be easily exchanged in secounds for a fresh one. This barrel is in new and unissued condition, inside and out. The flash-hider is of the current issue 'bird cage' design. The barrel in the full gun picture is the type being auctioned, and no, the gun is not on auction! You will not find a nicer barrel like this anyw! Due to ever more tighter restriction to U.S. trade and import rulings this item can no longer be imported into the U.S.A., and my starting price is well below what you can get a used and worn barrel for. For comparison, just the parts kit for this type gun is over $1500, and t are semi-auto receivers and kits now available for this gun through certain parts dealers.

ATTENTION BIDDERS! This item cannot be shipped outside of the U.S.A., so please don't ask.
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