NEW! Japanese SOUSAKU Kokeshi Doll by MIYAGAWA KUNIO 46

NEW! Japanese SOUSAKU Kokeshi Doll by MIYAGAWA KUNIO 46 Thank you for checking my goods!!

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What is Kokeshi?

Kokeshi (or Kokeshi Doll) are Japanese dolls, originally from northern Japan.They are handmade from wood.
In the creation of Kokeshi Dolls the wood is left outdoors to season for one to five years before it can be used.
What is "Creative (Sousaku) Kokeshi"

Creative (Sousaku) Kokeshi are allow the artist complete freedom in terms of shape, design and color and were developed after World War II (1945). They are not particular to a specific region of Japan. About Product: Artist: MIYAGAWA KUNIO Description: This is a Japanese SOUSAKU Kokeshi doll that is created by MIYAGAWA KUNIO. He is one of great SOUSAKU Kokeshi Artist nowadays. He won prizes of the prime minister and the prime minister of international trade and industry before.
The title of this Kokeshi Doll is âe~HARUBIYORIâe(tm), meaning fine day in spring in Japanese. She has nice engravings of Japanese Plum flower (known as UME) on her body. UME flowers are symbolic flower of spring compare to cherry
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