New Keris Blarak Sineret kriss kris criss silat km45

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A new keris lurus, estimated the dapur Tilam Upih, the pamor very famous classical Blarak Sineret Sinebit (blarak=coconut leaf, sineret=series ; sinebit=spread/apart), excellent pamor made, the pamor whitely color, you will see the blinker Malelo Steel found on the pamor lines because it made of old materials, at the ganja found the pamor Tundung Mungsuh (tundung=shield ; mungsuh=enemy), this means to avoid the owner from any bad situation, excellent keris.

The sheath not original, the used warangka Branggah Surakarta, brown color, the pendok blewahan mixed brass material, the hilt dark color and the mendak copper material.

Total measures is about 49.00 cm, length of the blade is about 34.80 cm.

1.00 feet is about 12.00 inches and 1.00 inch is about 2.54 cm.

The shipping cost to US is about US $37.00 and to Europe (as The Netherlands) is about US $41.00.

I try to describe it with reference from a book title Ensiklopedi Keris by Bambang Hasrinuksmo, for
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