New keris Sabuk Inten 11 luk kriss kris golden monkey

New keris Sabuk Inten 11 Luk Monkey .

This new keris estimated the dapur Sabuk Inten 11 luk gambar monyet kinatah. The pamor is Beras Wutah. Instead of kembang kacang you find the figure of monkey which is covered with 18 carat gold (kinatah emas). The ganja is Kelap Lintah and also covered with 18 carat gold (kinatah emas).
The warangka is Ladrang Surakarta Sungging style and made from wood. The warangka is covered with the nice and fresh colours of the sungging painting. The pendok is a pendok Sangup. It is made from silver material with nice ornaments on the front side. The hilt is Surakarta style with the typcal carvings and made from wood which is completely covered with sungging painting.
The length of the blade is about 14 3/4 inches (37.40 cm), the total measurement is about 20 inches (50.80 cm).
I give my best to describe the keris but forgive me if t is a mistake. I ship this item together with a commom textile bag for a keris.
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People in Indonesia wear a kris to decorate their clothes, especially for traditional celebrations like wedding, palace celebrations and other religious celebrations. The blade normally is made with iron and metal with a high concentration of nickel for the head part. People believed that an empu,
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