New keris Singo Barong 11 luk kris kriss Madura

New keris Singo Barong 11 luk

This new keris 11 luk estimated the dapur Singo Barong 11 Luk Kamarogan. You find the Lion figure at the gandik part, the Lion shape adopted of the Chinese Mythology animal known as Kilin or Foo Dog. It is decorated with golden floral ornament made of mixed brass material, also found the Gajah Singa ornament at the bottom side of the ganja part. The pamor is Ngulit Semongko, calm whitely color. Instead of a kembang kacang you find the lionâe(tm)s figure. The ganja is Mbatok Mengkureb.
The clothes are newly made. The warangka is Sandang Walikat Maduranese style and made from dark brown wood with the typical carvings. A pendok is not found. The hilt is Maduranese style with the typical carvings. The mendak golden colored and decorated with some artificial white, red and green stones like zirkonia.
The length of the blade is about 12 ¾ inches (32.50 cm), the total measurement is about 20 inches (51.10 cm).
I give my best to describe the keris but forgive me if t is a mistake. I ship this keris together with a common textil bag for a keris.
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People in Indonesia wear a kris to decorate their clothes, especially for traditional celebrations like wedding, palace celebrations and other religious celebrations.
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