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made by a German Engraver Handcraft Master In times of SMS, e-mail, chat and highspeed internet communication, w handwritten letters seem to be a relict of grandma's ages YOU keeps following the art of writing. Accurately you set word by word, line by line on a fine sheet of paper, as an expression of your individuality and as a sign of appreciation for the receiver. Close your letter, carefully written by hand, in a stylish manner with a seal in wax or lead, known since medieval ages as a solely right of Kings and Emperors, nowadays a sign for high exlusiveness. What goes better with hand papermaked paper then a sealing made with a premium hand-engraved seal - itself a little masterpiece of artwork. The graceful imprint captivates with grace and magnificence. The seal is hand-made by a master craftsman. The seal satisfies with noble elegance. This high-class seal gives your letter an individual personal touch and the "je ne sais quoi" Not only for your own correspondence but a perfect and highly treasured gift for your friends, relatives and those you love. ”
In this auction we offer you a replica of German Martin Luther's Lutheran Rose as a seal. Express your confession by sealing your letters with this great handmade seal!
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