New Magic Trick Floating Dollar Card IT Kit

The Ultimate Floating Kit

"Perfect of Street & Close Up Magic!"

What do you get in this kit?

Floating Dollar Bill Instructions and IT (float a borrowed bill like David Blaine!)

Floating Card Instructions and IT (make a playing card spin in your hands!)

Hover Bill Instructions and Gimmicks (hover a card or bill over your fingers!)

20 Feet of Extra IT Thread (will last you a long time!)

Everything comes with detailed instructions with photos and illustrations.
You could spend up to $10.00 a piece on each part of this magic kit or more in most Magic Shops!
Over a $40.00 value for one low price! Why purchase each trick seperatly when you can get them all in one kit!
is a more detailed listing of each piece of this magic float kit.

The Floating Dollar Bill

The Effect:
You crumple a borrowed bill into a loose ball, place it on your open palm, and suddenly... it rises from your hand and proceeds to float from palm to palm. Your hands circle around the floating bill (dispelling any and all thoughts of how it might work). You pass the bill back to your amazed spectators in the same condition it was in when you received it. Do it surrounded, do it close-up.
What You Get

The Secret The equipment (enough to last dozens & dozens of performances)
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