New Masculine Male Mannequin/Display GunHolding fm-3

Brand-New Masculine Male Mannequin For pleasant transactions, we strongly encourage you to read all information contained in this auction description before you bid. If you have a question this description does not address, please ask us.


Before you bid, please note that this mannequin will not ship until August 25.

Product Information 1. Item on auction consists of the mannequin, the disk, and the foot rod. 2. Color and make-up : It is flesh toned and has detailed professional make-up, with human hair eyelashes. 3. Detachable parts: Hands, arms, right leg and upper torso are detachable for easy set up and dress. 4. Measurements

Height Shoulder to Shoulder Bust Waist Hips 73.6" " 39.4" 31.5" 39.4" 5. Material: fiber glass reinforced plastic. With this material, the mannequin features light weight and durable use. Our mannequins are heavier and more sturdy. Cheap mannequins are lighter, and use less resin than ours. 6. Condition: brand new in original factory package. 7 Packing: We use the most costly, thickest bubble plastic to pack. The diameter of the bubble is one inch . Our packing is very secure and professional. General Information 1. Make-up : All full-size mannequins have professional make-up unless otherwise stated. Please note that mannequins are
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