new mickey mouse disney gold zippo lighter lighters


your bidding on a used mickey mouse zippo lighter i bought a bunch of old lighters at an estate sale and the lady said the man collected lighters and did custom works on them please keep an eye out i bought over a thousand different lighters PLEASE EMAIL ANY QUESTIONS***please look at my other estate sale finds******


SHIP TO USA ONLY DONT ASK. BY BIDDING ON MY AUCTIONS YOU AGREE THAT YOU HAVE READ THE AUCTION AND FULLY UNDERSTAND IT BEFORE BIDDING IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ASK BEFORE BIDDING.BY BIDDING YOU ARE STATeING YOU FULLY UNDERSTAND THE AUCTION IF THE AUCTION READS CANT GUARANTEE TO WORK AND YOU LEAVE ME FEEDBACK OF NEGATIVE FOR ITEM NOT WORKING I CAN AND WILL REPORT TO AUTHORITIES OUTSIDE OF EBAY. WHEN YOU LEAVE FEEDBACK YOU ARE AFFECTING SELLERS REPUTATION AND T ABILITY TO MAKE A LIVING AND THOSE THINGS SHOULD NOT BE AFFECTED BY YOUR LACK OF READING ABILITY--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i have hundreds of loyal ebay customers please feel free to read t comments i try to be as fair as i can be on my auctions and will try and work with ebayers when i can my shipping/handling fees are not negotible- im not like other sellers who throw a lighter on ebay to sell and say dont know if it works

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