NEW! Pair of Cheeky Puppies Lead Crystal Liuli GongFang

Cute Pair of Cheeky Puppies

Made By Liuli Gong Fang


24% Lead Crystal

Starting Bid @ $9.99!

This is a brand new cute pair of puppies made in Shanghai by Liuli Gong Fang with gift box. This pair is #313 out of 1838 pairs. According to Liuli Gong Fang U.S. located in California, this item is not yet available in the U.S. Winning bidder will be the first person owning this in the U.S. M y parents bought them from Shanghai Liuli Gong Fang. The puppies were taken out of the box for photos only. The following is an excerpt from Liuli Gong Fang's web site:

"A Pair of Cheeky Puppies "

It's not just loyalty,
 but an eternal innocence
 that enables them to endure suffering,
 and share their joy.
 growing up on the road
 they remember you and me.
 These words of Liuligongfang
 Reveal ancient Chinese wisdom.

The Dimension of these two puppies are:
 (L) H 5.9cm / W 4.2cm / L 4.2cm
 (R) H 3.7cm / W 3.5cm / L 7.5cm
 Production Method: Pate-de-verre
 Material: 24%PbO crystal

If you wish to know more about the puppies, please e-mail me. Perfect gift for someone special or for your own collection!

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