*NEW* Pendleton Blanket Blackfoot Legend of the Horse

Legend of the Horse Blanket

By Blackfoot artist/designer Michael Gray

T once was a man who was very fond of a certain buckskin horse. One day war broke out between the Blackfeet and the Sioux and the horse was badly wounded. The man put yellow paint on the horse's wounds and made a smudge of sweet grass, then sang sacred songs and asked the horse to get up. Three times the horse tried to stand, but could not. Finally on the fourth try the horse was able to rise, and slowly the man led him home. In gratitude to his faithful and loving master, the buckskin horse gave the man a gift: a tipi decorated with the image of a horse. Not only was it beautiful to behold but the tipi had special powers and the man became famous ever after for his ability to heal the sick.

This saddle blanket, the first in the Spirit Series, was created by Blackfeet artist/designer Michael Gray and inspired by tribal legend.

The generous donation of design and marketing services allow us to direct a portion of the proceeds to our member colleges. The American Indian College Fund provides scholarships to students at our tribal colleges so they may learn the skills that make the financially self-sufficient, and the traditions that keep their cultures alive.

Measures 40" x 66"


We appreciate the opportunity to offer authentic Native American art pieces to the public. Sacred Hoop Trading was founded in 1987 and is highly respected in the Native community, from the East to the far North. We purchase works of art that we would keep for ourselves. Many of the artists we buy from not only create works that have a deep meaning to them and their native communities, but they also make their living and feed their families on the works they create. We hope you will enjoy and respect the art as much as we do, from the smallest and simplest to the largest and most highly decorated.

We will be listing many items in the weeks to come. If t's something you'd like that you don't see please contact us! Thanks again.

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