NEW Pocket Telephone DTMF TONE DIALER EchoLink ® Skype

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On offer is a new and unused

DTMF Tone - Pocket Telephone Dialer.

comes complete with a black carry pouch and batteries.

This Dialer lets you use services that require tone signals from a rotary-dial (Pulse) phone, just hold it near the mouthpiece and press the keys (includes # and *)

Watch a short video clip of a dialer being used.

Make your collectable or vintage telephone work with modern systems and call centres etc.

Controls Answering Machines requiring Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) Signaling.

Radio Amateurs will find it suitable for use with EchoLink®

I have had some feedback which says that this dialer works on Skype allowing access to call centres and answer machines w the Skype software has failed to send the correct tones

This model features an on/off switch which gives an extended battery life. These dialers are no longer manufactured and are difficult to obtain. They are rarer than Hens Teeth! Supplied with batteries and tested before despatch. Please beware of inferior dialers that appear on eBay from time to time, I have tested some of these and they often do not have enough volume to work or the speaker is of such poor quality that the tones are distorted and
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