Up for auction is this brand new never used Zippo lighter. The lighter and the graphics were produced by Zippo in 2002 for advertising purposes for the GRANTS LICK CAFE located in Grants Lick, Kentucky. Grants Lick is a small town located about 20 miles south of Cincinnati, off of US Route 27. T isn't much in Grants Lick...a gas station, a country store, a funeral parlor, a vet, a few homes, and the Cafe is about all t is. The Cafe is actually a roadhouse type bar with a couple of pool tables and a juke box.

T were only 50 of these lighters produced, and the Cafe no longer has anymore.

W did the name Grants Lick come from? We're not sure. We assume the Grant comes from Ullysess S. Grant, Civil War General & President, who was born just a few miles east of Cincinnati. The Lick we are certain comes from the natural salt licks that form from the high salt content of the ground and water throughout northern Kentucky. Hence, the names Grants Lick, Big Bone Lick State Park, the Licking River, etc.

The lighter is still in its original case, with the seal intact. GRANTS LICK CAFE is printed in University of Kentucky Wildcat blue across the top. Below that is the state outline of Kentucky, also done in KY blue. A red star marks the approximate location of Grants Lick. T is a silhouette of a busty nude girl inside
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