New Sheaffer White Dot Legacy Fountain Pen-MED 18kt Nib

Owning a Legacy writing instrument makes a strong statement about your unique individuality. Legacy reflects the quality, values and craftsmanship which began more than 80 years ago with W. A. Sheaffer, the jeweler, whose inventions endure as a legacy for all generations. With proper care, your Legacy writing instrument will provide a lifetime of extraordinary writing pleasure. The Sheaffer Legacy fountain pen unique Touchdown filling mechanism permits the user to refill ink directly from the bottle without the mess and inconvenience of disassembling the pen. Two simple downstrokes draw ink into the custom Sheaffer Legacy convertor quickly and cleanly. For added convenience, Sheaffer Legacy fountain pens can also be refilled with Sheaffer Skrip ink cartridges.

Sheaffer's Full Lifetime Warranty

Convertor Filling System ... For Bottle Ink Or You May Use Ink Cartridges.

Handmade 18kt gold inlaid nib.

MEDIUM 18kt Nib

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