New Straight Razor Celluloid Handle Pattern Book, Doyle

Description Autographed copy of my new book "Celluloid Handle Guide For Straight Razor Collectors, Reflecting Fifty Years of Handle Designs 1870 - 1920," By Robert A. Doyle. This copy will be personally autographed to you, signed by me and numbered. This new book is 92 pages plus Bibliography. It is a full color book with chapters on 1. A Brief History of Celluloid and Other Synthetic Plastics. 2. Collecting Celluloid Handled Straight Razors. 3. Pattern Guide Descriptions. 4. Photo Catalog of Handle Patterns. T are 180 different handle patterns illustrated, life-size in full color in the back half of the book. Each pattern is numbered below the life-size color illustration. Some handle patterns have been produced in various colors and by many different makers. What ever is known about the pattern is provided in the description section. T is an Introduction, Dedication and page about the author. This book has a cover price of $25.00. The first printing is limited to 200 copies with the first 100 being signed and numbered. The book was published by Absolute Publishing, a division of Absolute Auctions & Realty, Inc. PO Box 1739 Pleasant Valley, NY 12569 () .

Happy Collecting - Robert A. Doyle, CAI, ISA, CES, CAGA (Author, Auctioneer & Appraiser)

P.S. I wrote a book, "Straight Razor Collecting, An Illustrated
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