NEW SUPERFEET insoles orthotics BLUE sz B WOMEN 4.5 - 6



SIZE B (WOMEN'S 4.5 - 6 OR KID'S 2.5 - 4)

What you are bidding on

One pair of brand new and unused Superfeet active insoles in original manufacturer's packaging. Blue size B intended for women's size 4.5 to 6 and juniors size 2.5 to 4. Superfeet blue is ideal for active people with low to medium arches.


Add contoured insole comfort to your tightest shoes with the highly versatile Synergizer Blue Insole from Superfeet. Thinner than the green insole series, the Superfeet Synergizer Blue Insole works well with most low-volume running, biking and tennis shoes. The low contours also feel better on flat feet. Superfeet recently redesigned the top cover of most of their inserts to improve circulation and better muscle recovery. A special Holofiber® top cover absorbs your IR light waves and reflects the energy back in a longer wavelength that can potentially relax body tissues. It might sound a little unusual, but research indicates that Holofiber® will increase tissue oxygen levels when placed next to skin. If IR benefits don't grab you, the unsurpassed fit in Superfeet Dress Synergizer Black Insoles will. This is the only insole available with a rear-foot control point that helps control over-pronation, giving you less stress
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