New Taji Ayam keris kriss kris

New Taji Ayam
This is a new Taji Ayam (cock's spur) or Lawi Ayam. This is a kind of of traditional weapons, it is known that the origin is from Lampung and Bengkulu area, South Sumatranese island. The pamor is no pamor, but Arabian Callygraphy.
The warangka is made from middle brown Akasia or Klengkeng wood.
The length of the blade is about 5 3/4 inches (14.80 cm), the total measurement is about 11 ¼ inches (28.80 cm).
I give my best to describe the keris but forgive me if t is a mistake. Please visit my website !

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People in Indonesia wear a kris to decorate their clothes, especially for traditional celebrations like wedding, palace celebrations and other religious celebrations. The blade normally is made with iron and metal with a high concentration of nickel for the head part. People believed that an empu, a master of manufacturing the kris, gave a magical power to this blade meanwhile manufacturing the keris. Nowerdays Indonesian people give much money for a powerful and living kris. They don't devide a kris to an old or new one, they devide a keris to a living kris (Keris hidup) or dead kris (Keris mati). T are stories that men still live after an attack to their lives if they were owners of special living kris. Nowerdays only a few master manufactures
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