You are bidding on the NEW GEN III, USMC Field Tarp that is the current replacement for the poncho which is no longer issued. It measures approx 84 " x 90". It is MARPAT on one side and Coyote Brown on the other. It is made with Flame resistant urethane and is totally waterproof, quiet, abrasion resistant and very lightweight and NON_REFLECTIVE. These Genuine USMC Issue Tarps have NEVER been seen on EBAY before . It is Very easy to store and very light to carry.The Marines MEP description is : The field Tarp is an outer protective cloth designed to provide Marines with a lightweight, waterproof covering which will also function as a ground cover, sunshade, gear cover, filed litter, personal protection and/or hasty shelter. This program was initially added to the MEP list as an Improved Poncho. Marines currently use the poncho as a ground cover or hasty shelter. The MEP program was official changed to Field Tarp and it will replace the current poncho by 2007: NSN 8340-0.

The Marine Enhancement Program (MEP) was created in response to guidance by congress to establish programs dedicated to improving the " Lethality, comfort and suvivalibility " of the individual infantryman. Included in this program are the new:

M249 Barrel Bag and the
MIOX Water Purification systems for Special Operations

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