NEW Victorian Faery Pentacle Pentagram Wiccan Jewelry

NEW Victorian Faery Pentacle Pentagram Wiccan Jewelry

PLEASE NOTE I do not ship to the following Countries: Italy, India, Mexico, Thailand, China, Japan. If you are in any of these Countries DO NOT BID please. My apologies but the Postal Services into these Countries have lost enough packages on my customers that I just don't risk dissappointing customers anymore. Description NEW Victorian Faery Pentacle Pentagram Wiccan Jewelry
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****** Gorgeous Pagan Jewelry....Affordably Priced! Combined shipping @ NO extra charge! .01¢ (penny) shipping on orders over $50 Thanks for shopping with me :)! This is a beautiful new Pentacle design, with a Fairy on my Gothic / Victorian Pentacle. Just gorgeous! "Discoloration" is due to my crummy scanning skills, not the piece! :) Comes with a jump ring attached.

Size: ~ 1 1/8" across
Material: Sterling Silver
Condition: New!

ABOUT THE PENTACLE: The pentacle represents the stages of life, being birth, initiation, consummation, repose, and death, with the circle bringing us back to birth in the cycle of reincarnation. The pentacle has been a symbol of protection for thousands of years. It represents

ABOUT FAIRIES: Fairy folklore originated in Italy, w they were known as the Fatae. Fairies, or faeries, are known to bestowed gifts upon children and adults they are attracted to, such as beauty, wealth and kindness. Sidhe (pronounced 'shee') literally meaning "people of the (fairy) hills", is the Gaelic term for this mystical race of beings. the beauty and glamour of the faery folk is captured in Sterling Silver.


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