ORIGINAL four-page ARTICLE (not a copy) from 1951 magazine.

GHOST VILLAGE ...At Newfane Hill, Vermont, ghostly markers tell a strange story - of a shire that got up and moved.

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Very interesting article - about this location in VERMONT - and its fascinating History......accompanied by seven (7) illustrations which include:

STONE NO. 6 marking site of Newfane's famed whipping post......"

MARKER - standing on an old courthouse site and serves as guide to markers of other one-time buildings....."

"MEETING HOUSE" - now the Grange - which was moved entire.....


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"...down from Newfane Hill's summit uncoiled a dirt road, miles to the valley w West River ran and Fayetteville, one of the shire's neighboring villages, had been settled...And as the birds watched overhead, the two villages began to merge, for Newfane Hill was no more to be the shire...and Fayetteville was, and was destined to become Newfane...."

"...building after building was dismantled enough for moving - some to be re-erected in toto, others to be incorporated in new structures, some to become only lumber in favor of wholly new edifices....."

" such memento - a grim one - is Stone Marker
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