Newspaper Take Apart Dove Vanish! Magic Tricks- Demo!

The Newspaper Take Apart Vanish

The Effect: The Magician places a Dove/small animal into a box with newspaper walls, then takes the box apart piece by piece breaking through each wall with his hands, and shows that the dove/small animal has totally vanished!

CLICK FOR DEMO (Quicktime)
Click for Demo (Windows Media - 7MB)

This Newspaper Dove Vanish Box is personally Handcrafted and is made of Oak, unlike the machine-made boxes, this will Last you a Very long time! The Newspaper Take Apart Box is very similar to the regular Take Apart Box, only the walls are made of newspaper (which you supply), and when you thrust your hand through, it shows that the dove/small animal/other objects have vanished which just furthers the reality of the illusion!
These are very nice looking boxes, and have been sold all over the world!!

What others have to say that have purchased these boxes:
"The Take Apart Vanish is a work of art....." - David, Canada
"Very Nice Trick indeed..." Almazer, Greece
"Beautiful piece of work. This item is AWESOME and extremely well crafted" - Gabriel S, Calif.

With the sale of this item, I will include written instructions along with a VIDEO CD-ROM that you can learn the basics behind this great classic illusion! Packs flat and is ready to go for show! T are

CLICK FOR DEMO (Quicktime)
Click for Demo (Windows Media - 7MB)

If you have any questions, just drop me a line! Thank you!

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