Newspapers (2)-J.F.K. Assassination-Dated Nov.1963+More

On that day in 1963, I was Twelve (12) Years Old.
Forty-Five Years later I can remember vividly the looks on my Teacher's face as she announced, School was ending early.
That somber feel of that moment has not left my memory, to this very day.
This was not a partisan, type of event, this was both sides of the aisle, feeling the same anguish, Our President had been tragically killed.
Even at Twelve (12), day after day of news coverage and still that pervasive somber feel all around, persisted. I did understand, even at that young age, this was a momentous event.
Earlier in his Presidency, Mr. Kennedy had faced down the Russians regarding the Cuban Missile Saga, I remember his resolve and how close we all came to utter destruction, I was enamored by his courage and how relieved I was at that time to see my parents relax, a few days later.
All Was Fine Again!
That is, until November 22nd, 1963.
That is what this listing is all about.
We are placing Two (2) Editions of New York based newspapers dated 23 November, 1963 & 25 November, 1963, with coverage of that dreadful day and days following.
These Newspapers are in very nice condition and sold for Ten (10) Cents in that day, imagine that.
The New York 'Herald Tribune' is dated 23 November, 1963 and covers the events of the day before,
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