NEX bundle Lot 3 Lens Minolta MC Rokkor 58 135 200 SONY E-mount adapter 1.4 3.5

Fine lines first: I accept return within 14 days. USA shipping is on me. Buyer pays return shipping cost.

These are an old lenses with adapter to SONY E mount NEX series or new Alpha series MILC body.

I have fully tested these lenses to ensure the functionality. The test photos are taken with the lens mounted on SONY NEX-5 digital.

Please confirm you can use these lenses.

If you are not sure about anything, please ask me.

Now, here is the description.

Three lenses Minolta MC Generation 2, the last generation of Minolta all metal lens. And an adapter to SONY E mount NEX series or new Alpha series digital camera body.

This group cover 58 - 135 - 200 mm focal range. Apertures are 1.4 3.5 4.5 .

You will get (Might not all shown in the listing photos. Use this check list)

Three lenses themselves. Three front lens caps. Three rear lens caps. There might be whatever names on the caps. One Minolta MD to Sony NEX E-mount adapter. One Minolta mount body cap. You will find this is very useful. As always, I will find three used UV/Skylight/Haze/Protect filter, matched size for the lenses. Also included is a Vivitar 3x Tele converter. See description below.

Lens Description and Condition:

Minolta MC Rokkor PF 58 mm F 1.4 SN 5878705

Clean glass. Moderate amount of dust
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