THE TITLE, NUMBER, PUBLISHER AND GRADE ARE ALL IN THE LISTING HEADING . All comics are FIRST printings unless noted here in the description.

Listed below are the name and number of each book:

Nexus #1-80, First Nexus Alien Justice #1-3, DH Nexus Executioner's Song #1-4, DH Nexus God Con #1-2, DH Nexus Meets Madman, Special, DH Nexus Nightmare in Blue #1-4, DH Nexus the Liberator #1-4, DH Nexus the Origin, DH Nexus Wages of Sin #1-4, DH Nexus the Next #1-4, First


I have been a dealer and collector of comics and related items for almost 30 years. I still enjoy the hobby and try very hard to make my customers happy. But if you want to slab books please don't tell us and if you are a "mint" freak please don't bid with us. Comics are to be enjoyed, not sealed away in plastic tombs and left to rot - unread and unseen!

Comic grading is an art-form, not a science. And trying to determine what the difference between an 8.5 and 9.0 graded comic is a joke.

We do not use specific Overstreet grades. Frankly, we think some of the allowable faults in certain grades in Overstreet are wrong. We grade EXTREMELY conservatively as you can see from our feedback. We use the following grades in evaluating our books:

Fair - Reading copy only. The comic is complete, unless noted, but shows
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