NG-A1130 Germany. Notgeld. Bielefeld. Lot of 4 Notes

Country/LandGermany. Notgeld Placename/Ortsname Bielefeld Denomination/Stuckelung Lot of 4 Notes Value(s)/Wert See Scan Year of Issue/Jahr der Ausgabe 1923 Condition. (Please read key below)/Zustand D/E Notes/Hinweise Very Creased and Grubby

This auction is a small part of an original collection which is being broken. It will be sold over 10 days and there will be 50 new lots per day. That makes 500 lots, so something may suit you. Most of the lots will start at 99p

Please don't ask for extra scans.

I will not be available to answer questions for the first 5 days of this 10 day listing.

You can see all the items I will be selling here:

See: https:///111658536472893423175/Notgeld?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCK7WoYzrj4-hwwE&feat=directlink

Abbreviations. Key.

Condition: (A-E. Much along the line of school grades)

A= Very Fine. Pristine, with unworn edges. Looks as though freshly printed.

B= Lightly handled. Near new but not mint. May have very minor wear, or tiny corner creases.

C= Showing clear signs of handling. May have very small corner creases, minor marks, corner wear, light foxing or small blemishes.

D= With Faults. Showing signs of heavy use. Note is worn, soiled, or creased.

E= With Damage. Note is torn, dirty, heavily creased, or other serious
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