NIB Linder Handmade Bowie 2007 Internat'l. Bowie Winner

Visit My eBay Store: El Rancho Antiques and Cutlery Every collector has to have one or more Bowie knives, or should I say one or more quality Bowie knives. This one is handmade by Carl Linder. Entered in the International Knife Show Competition in 2007 it was named Best BOWIE knife in in the competition - a first for a European blade in a category traditionally swept by American knifemakers. The pictures say almost everything you need to know. it'sn a beaqutiful knife, made of first rate materials- 440C hi carbon Stainless Steel hardened to Rockwell 58, the knife is 12 1/2 inches overall and the blade is just over 8 inches in length. The handle is made of top-quality stag and is held in place to the full tang by four brass rivets. Carl Linder is the CEO of the Linder factory in Germany, which used to produce weapons for the German army and for other purposes prior to World War II. In fact, many of the Linder designs have become much sought after by collectors of militaria and knife collectors. Carl Lindner has brought back variations on many of these designs and we sell some of these models from time to time. Check out my other items ! If you woud like to be notified when we have these knives in stock, Sign up for my email newsletters by adding my eBay Store to your Favorites- it's the only way eBay will allow us to contact you.

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