NIB Superman Masterpiece Edition Box Set Action Figure Superman #1 Comic Book

You are bidding on a brand new in box Superman Materpiese Edition Box Set.
Superman first landed on the planet Earth in 1938. An inveterate champion of the downtrodden and oppressed, his principles and virtues reflected the imaginations of his two teenage creators and the Depression-era world in which they lived. The Superman Masterpiece Edition is a spectacular tribute to the rise of the worlds first, greatest, and most-loved super hero. This ultra-deluxe package features an exclusive statue of Superman; an accurately sized, color reprint of the first issue of Supermans own comic book from 1939; and a lavishly illustrated, color hardcover book by best-selling author Les Daniels detailing Supermans Golden Age. This supremely collectible commemoration offers a nostalgic view of the '30s, '40s, and '50s, when the Man of Steel captured the worlds imagination.
Four-color comics have come of age, and Superman--every boy's hero circa 1938--is now a middle-aged, American cultural icon. To celebrate Superman's halcyon days, the Superman Masterpiece Edition , with its balance of whimsy and class, is the perfect toy for grownup boys. The box is super-size (one and a half feet square) and seals shut with a velcro flap. Outside it's decorated with classic Superman pop art, and inside are three separate tributes to the The Man of Steel.
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