NIB Tuskers Elephant Love is a Feast Elephant CA90927

Click on this link for More Tuskers Collectables from The Festive Plum The Dimensions Of This Item are 4.0h x 6.0w The Festive Plum Sells Only New Merchandise In The Original Box The Festive Plum Ships Products Within One Business Day The Festive Plum Always Combines Multiple Purchases The Festive Plum Accepts all Major Credit Cards OFFERED ITEM: Tuskers Elephant Love is a Feast Elephant CA90927 Item Description Welcome to the world of Tuskers and Henry . Country Artists master sculptor, Barry Price, has earned many accolades for his lovable collections of pachyderms.
Within the complete Tuskers range, Barry has created the engaging Love Is ... a message series of endearing characters. Enjoy, too Adventures of Henry... a playful series of wildlife antics with Henry and his savannah friends.
Each Tuskers is wonderfully detailed and will certainly be a favorite in any collection. Whimsically creative designs are each hand finished with realistic and natural tones . They are absolutely adorable!
See why Tuskers and Henry are a perennial favorite and be part of something big!!! Get in on the fun now... Henry and his Tusker friends will not disappoint.
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