Nicaraguan Pottery Handcrafted by artisan in San Juan de Oriente (Nicaragua)

Nicaraguan Pottery 8 inches tall and 6 inches across. It is made in San Juan de Oriente, which is a village in Masaya, Nicaragua. The pictures do not do the colors amazing piece with great detailing. The village is nestled among volcanos and a breathtaking lagoon and is home of some of the most unique pottery in the world. - A beautiful handcrafted vase by Nicaraguan potter Valentin Lopez, which is signed. This artisan creation is meticulously etched and hand-painted. The piece has eclectic appeal and will add artistic flair to any home. Ox carts are used to deliver clay and other materials to the various workshops. The clay is placed on a kick wheel to form the shape then painted using mineral oxides. In the next step the pieces are carved using homemade tools often made from the spokes of a bicycle wheel. Once the pieces are complete, the objects are baked in a wood-burning kiln made from adobe bricks and then polished. The result is a truly beautiful art piece, which required many hours of loving labor at the hands of this gifted craftsman.