Nice 1985 Atari INDIANA JONES game Marble Madness cab

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Nice 1985 Atari INDIANA JONES game Marble Madness cab
This is an original Atari System One cabinet in great physical condition with Indy Jones sw/gfx.
This can be easily converted to other Sys 1 games: Marble Madness, Peter Pack Rat, etc..
The side art is gone, but you can buy it if you really want. It looks better without, frankly
The marquee lights up with a new bulb and starter.
The control panel is in excellent condition!
The front of the cabinet and coin door are both VERY nice. Comes with new locks, keys.
The cabinet is still very solid.
The monitor has been rebuilt and has an awesome picture!
Comes with coin mechs, original coin box, and all access doors.
The innards.
Item Description: A Great Gift! Get your family Christmas shopping done for 2006 in one shot! If you can't afford the game for this year, use my Contract Game Buying Plan to purchase this for next Christmas or Chanukkah, and have it shipped to your door the week before the holiday! We can work it out so that your last payment is in early December, and then the game ships to your door a couple days before next Christmas or Chanukah! Just read the terms of the contract agreement before bidding if you intend to use this plan.

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I work with shippers who can deliver to your door within 2 to 5 days of payment for the item. The shipping costs are quite reasonable, and I will make all of the arrangements so that your purchase and receipt of this item will be as painless as possible.

This may be your last chance to buy a game from Vectorman . I'm doing an Internet Start-up starting January 1st, and it is possible that I will not be selling games on eBay ever again. (I will still be available to help with games I've already sold...don't worry). But this may be the last opportunity to buy from the best in the business!

I want to thank all of you who have purchased games from me in the past, often as multiple repeat purchasers. You've been great and it's been a pleasure serving you.

Working Condition Information This game works 100%! In fact, the original Disco monitor has been rebuilt, and is delivering about the best picture I've seen. It is unbelievable. The boards work perfectly, including the original power supply and audio amplifier. The marquee and coin door lamps have been replaced.

The game comes with new locks, coin mechs, original coin box, and all original access doors. This game is in great condition electronically and should run for years and years to come.

This is an "Atari System One" game and cabinet. This means that you can easily convert it to any of the other system one games - all of which are great. I'll name a few - Marble Madness (the best!), Peter Pack Rat, Road Runner, and Road Blasters. The boards and control panels are out t - on eBay from time to time so you shouldn't have any trouble converting.

This game may not get much press time, but it is actually a very fun game with loads of depth and challenge. The music is awesome (taken right from the movie). In fact, it seems ahead of its time frankly - the sound quality is so good. But then, I guess Atari was still in its prime at this point. They really made games well.

This game has several challenging stages to it. First, t is the stage w you must wander all over kingdom come freeing the children from their little prison cells. Then you take off in the railroad cart and get chased down a maze of tracks. Then you are in front of the temple, then you (Eventually) fight mola rom on the rope bridge. T are many levels of difficulty, and each level o...

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