Nice AAF 99th bomb group, 416 bomb squadron named grp

No overseas bids accepted without first obtaining my personal approval. You are bidding on a very nice grouping named to Sgt. M.L. Jarchow who was a bombardier on a B17 during WW2. He was attached to the 99th bomb group/416 bomb squadron. Included is his original uniform jacket that has his serial number written in it and his ribbons still present. Condition of jacket is very nice with no damage. It has his SGT stripes and one AAF patch on sleeve. Also included is a picture of him with his crew, his original dogtags, a set of his wings, good conduct medal (un-named), air/weapons training certificate named to him, a Cattaraugus survival machete, plus other loose patches and other paper items relating to him. Most interesting paper items include a ID card that shows him authorized to wear the air medal with 8 oak leaf clusters and an original paper tag with bomb arming safety pin still attached. I do not have any of his mission records unfortunately but on the tag attached to this pin is written Feb. 17th 1944, mission 21, flak alley, frags, Anzio beach head. This at least shines some light onto what he was doing at the time. Also included is one of his shirts, some bomb damage assessment photos, his named field manual, Immunization register, and some other neat odds and ends. All in all this is a nice little group that should be researched ... read more