Nice Older English Pot Cupboard Bedside Cabinet Stand

' is a neat & nice English Pot cupboard or bedside cabinet as we would call them, but sometimes refrred to as a "locker" in the UK. It's very well constructed, still tight, not flimsy and very sturdy. The wood isn't rotted in any place. It's a real neat piece of furniture from a by gone era with lot's of charm still left in it. It's made of Pine I believe with some nice wood grains showing through out the cabinet. It's has a dark Oak Patina to it and only the Good Lord would know how many times this cabinet has been refinished. It has pretty "Turned Style" legs with pretty teardrop feet on all 4 corners of the cabinet. It has a handy drawer in the top and the door still fits tight and isn't warped.

The top is 12 7/8" wide X 13" deep.

The cabinet body is 11 1/4" wide X 11" deep.

It's 30 1/8" Tall.

The door is 11 7/8" X 9". The drawer is 9" X 9 1/2" and is 2 3/8" deep.

You can't find cabinets like this one at your local furniture outlets, it's was made by excellent craftsmen from a bygone era and has years & years of good service still in it. Overall it's a nice and very useable cabinet with some dings & scratches and some small blemishes to the finish as wood any item of this ones age and travels. What a conversation piece this will make for your den, family room, bedroom, bathroom
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