Nice Original Edison Amberola 50 Cylinder Phonograph

I bought this phonograph at a local estate auction and before it was to be auctioned it was played and was in perfect working condition. I raised the reproducer and let the cylinder wind down completely before bringing it home but now it does not work. It had a accumulation of dust on the inside that I wanted to clean so I removed the machinery to check if I could find a problem. Except for old oil and years of dust on the gears I could find nothing that would prevent this from working. I made no attempt to clean these gears. I am positive with a good cleaning and lube you will have a fine working machine. T is no rust present or any paint loss. A brass plate is mounted on the inside box that identifies this as an Edison Amberola Model 50 with serial number 3824. Mfg. by Thomas Edison Inc. Orange, N.J. with a number of patent dates the last being March 11, 1913. This Model 50 is larger than the Model 30 and measures 15 1/2" in height, 15" wide at the base and is 19 1/2" in length also measured at the base. The box is made from mahogany and in good condition but shows normal wear with light scratches especially on the top. Some very minor corner dings but nothing drastic and no noticeable cracks or large chips. The original varnish finish is dull and shows crazing from age. The bottom is veneer and has some minor lifting but complete.

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