Nice Vintage 70s Singer Futura Model 900 Sewing Machine

I can remember when this Singer Futura Model 900 came out - it was an expensive machine. My mother had one and she loved all the fancy stitches and other features of the machine. Whoever had this vintage 1970s sewing machine clearly loved it as well and took good care of it. It is in beautiful condition. In addition to regular straight stitching and zigzag stitching, this machine comes with 8 stitch wheels that when you plug them into their slot and use the appropriate presser feet, make all sorts of fancy embroidery, applique, pattern/satin stitches. I know my mother had a lot of fun with this feature. It also comes with an attachment that makes doing buttonholes very simple.

The machine is two-tone yellow with a metallic gold panel across the front that lifts up to reveal additional controls and the slot for the stitch wheels. It has a matching hard plastic ivory-colored case that snaps down over the machine and has a compartment that opens at the top and contains a matching hard plastic box for accessories. Also in the compartment is a plastic ziplock bag with the stitch wheels and what appears to be a replacement bobbin compartment that might be broken because t's a small piece of plastic also in the bag that seems to have snapped off.

The case measures 18" long by 13 1/2" high and 7" wide. With the case, the
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