Nichols - Derringer Replica ~DYNA-MITE #609

Nichols - Derringer Replica ~

Toy Cap Gun ~ DYNA- MITE

· Made by Nichols Industries, Inc. in Jacksonville, Texas

· Still in it's Original Box!

· Still Has the Original Paper ( service policy ) in the Box!

· 3-1/4"x1-7/8"

· Still Has the Original 'Bullet' ( w the caps go )

· Die Cast

· Plastic Pistol Grips

· Uses Paper Caps ( caps not included )

· Guaranteed to work as good as it looks!!

· Cap Gun Pistol is in ABSOLUTE Mint Condition!!!

Nichols Industries, Inc. manufactured this particular toy 'Derringer-Replica' cap pistol ( as well as many other toy cap pistols ) in Jacksonville, Texas between 1946 and 1965. The words 'NICHOLS JACKSONVILLE, TEXAS U.S.A.' are printed on one side of the pistol's nose and down by the trigger is 'DYNA-MITE.' The pistol grips bare the legendary 'Circle N.' This is a steal! A definite must have for ALL vintage toy collectors. Makes a great gift even for the lil' ones.

The box looks aged, but IS NOT torn or cracked at all. The paper ( service policy ) also looks aged, but IS NOT torn or ripped at all.