Nichols Stallion 45 Mark II Toy Cap Gun + 32 CAP GUN

These cap guns are both being sold for parts and parts only please read all information as I will break both of them down for you. The Nichols Stallion 45 does have a cracked frame by the hammer and one screw missing, Cylinder does sometimes rotate when trigger is pulled but is very weak. The the trigger and hammer are very strong. T are no cracks in the woodgain handles just minor scratching . The overall does show play wear but still very nice collectable. The 32 well the trigger turns the cylinder very well but the hammer is lose and may just be a internal spring or something so it does not operate correctly. some slight oxidization on it also a very nice addition for any collection. Good Luck and enjoy the auction!

*******ORANGE PLUGS have been added per Ebay policy Toy cap guns can not be modified to fire projectiles , They are made to fire only toy caps.As per ebay policy cap guns can not be sold out of the US. *******