Nicolas Cage in "THE WEATHER MAN"

A Great Movie...A Great Academy Award Winning Actor...A Great Collection! I've been a D.G.A. director of film & television for over 30 years & I've certainly admired NICOLAS CAGE as much as any fan! I'm selling more of my TV and Movie Collections on ebay this year that includes Autographs, Props, Costumes & MORE! This Ultimate NICOLAS CAGE "Weather Man" Movie collection includes:

Original Screen-worn COSTUME GLOVE seen in many different scenes being worn by Cage, playing Chicago weatherman, David Spritz

Prop "ARROW" that was used by Cage in several scenes

Prop Coffee Cup from WCH6 TV, w Cage works

A "Weather Man" DVD, COA's & More!

The collection is professionally framed in a large Shadow Box with engraved description plaque that is just ready to hang on your wall!

As a TV & Movie DIRECTOR and a lifetime member of the Director's Guild of America, (D.G.A.) I am offering some rare props, costumes & collectibles from the sets of many great movies and television shows that include this classic, "THE WEATHER MAN," starring Oscar winner NICOLAS CAGE & MICHAEL CAINE.

This very RARE Original COSTUME Prop GLOVE is screen-worn by Nicolas Cage and is seen throughout the movie in the car scenes...

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