Night Signs by David Mann Night Signs by David Mann

Print - Artist Proof
Size: 20 x 30
Release Date: 2-2006
Code: SNMN002AP
Edition Size: 35
Issue Price: $225.00

David Mann, a well-known artist from Utah, paints Native Americans with a rather contemporary flair. His deep, rich colors radiate and whatever the subject, the painting is always dramatic.

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This print was purchased from original publisher.. Each of my prints has been stored in our warehouse and is in perfect condition. In the 90s I was very active in the business of buying and selling art. As my other businesses became more demanding I was unable to continue indulging my hobby. The majority of the prints are still in the original boxes sent from the publisher and artists. Please feel secure in the fact that the prints are in pristine condition and will be shipped flat at my expense. I have shipped over a hundred plus pieces of art over the last six months and I have not had one damaged in shipping. I am very motivated to sell these remaining prints majority of which are all "sold out" from the publisher Make Me An Offer you might just catch me at a very weak moment, you can't insult me I just may say no, but I might say yes, let me know and feel free to send me an e-mail I will respond quickly.

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