~Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Snowglobe~

You are bidding on a brand new....


This is a wonderful Jack sculpture inspired by Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. A quality snowglobe with gorgeous colors and excellent detailed precision of each figurine. It's made of hand painted sculpted resin and glass with glitter accents. Has two lights at the end of Jack's bed and two mini snowglobes. It also plays the music tune "What's This." An amazing piece and a must have for anyone who is a Nightmare Before Christmas fan! Great for the holidays!!

Dimensions are 9"H x 9"W x 10"D

Box has been opened for inspection purposes only when purchased at the store. Comes with all original foam packaging and box.

Disney Disclaimer on Water and Snow Globes

Please read the follow disclaimer issued by Disney regarding air bubbles in water and snow globes. Due to this restriction placed on us by Disney we must enforce the same conditions on our customers who buy Disney water and snow globes.
DISCLAIMER: Please note that Disney snow globes are not guaranteed to be free of air bubbles. During production, small air bubbles may cling to the inside of the glass and the character insert when water is introduced and the globe is sealed. In the course of shipping and other handling, the small bubbles
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